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How To Use Web Based Software For Extraordinary Results

Successful businesses use systems. Michael Gerber, in his excellent book about business called the E-Myth explains how systems allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results repeatedly. His crystal-clear explanation shows why systems are so important to business. The better defined the system the better is business.

Web Software is a collection of web based applications that provide a system. It is an online environment to work within. This is an entirely new business model. Everyone on the team is given access to the system and the work is organized within the system. Working this way allows the organization to achieve unattainable levels of success. Once there, it allows them to achieve extraordinary results repeatedly. The beauty of a system is that you don't need super-employees to make the team successful. Systems allow you to use ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

Web Based Applications Are The Systems Of The Future

We'd all like to keep things as they are. Unfortunately that's not possible, especially in today's world. No one is arguing the merits of snail mail over email anymore. If your business doesn't have email you're in big trouble. Technology moves forward. Although we'd like to stay in the past we just can't. If we try to stay in the past one day we'll find ourselves locked out of the marketplace. We'll be on the outside looking in.

Going web based is inevitable. The advantages of doing business in this radically new way are overwhelming. However the question comes down to when. Do you change over now or do you wait a little longer?

Business doesn't operate in a vacuum. It operates in a marketplace. You have competitors vying for the same clients you serve now. Your competitors are seriously considering web software too. Each month that passes a few of them convert over and start doing business better and faster. They offer your clients speed and accuracy you can't hope to match. It's like your competition is using email and you're using the postal service.

Achieving Extraordinary Results By Going Web Based

You know you have to do this. When you take three days and your competition takes five minutes, you can't survive. The risk of standing pat outweighs the risk of converting over.

You are not an early adopter. An early adopter is someone who converted ten years ago. We have been supporting businesses with remotely hosted web systems for well over 10 years. These businesses have been running fully web based for over a decade. Web based businesses are here now. You probably have competitors that are web based. If you're still doing business with PCs on a office LAN you're about to be obsolete. The time to move is now and here is the best way to do it.

You don't have to jump to web software 100 percent in one big move. It's not necessary and not good planning. A better strategy would be to find one small aspect of your business that could be revolutionized by going web based. It should be something that benefits from being accessed everywhere, that doesn't affect your company systems.

Take our Company Calendar for example. This is a little utility but it has one huge advantage over other calendars. Company Calendar has users and is setup to be a group calendar. Having everyone involved with your company in the calendar at the same time eliminates all confusion regarding schedule. As one person adds an event, everyone sees it. They don't have to be in the office to see it. This is just one example of how to take a positive step toward being web based without risking anything at all.

There are other web based utilities that can begin the transition to web based software. Do you have a customer database accessible outside the office? If not, that's a win for your company. Do you have documents accessible outside the office? If not, that's a win.

These are examples of things you can do to improve your company now that will not put anything at risk. Review the web software available by clicking the “Web Based Systems” tab above. Find something you think might help you and go for the 30 day free trial.

Committing To A Web Based Application

Let us take care of you. It takes a little adjustment period to get used to this new and powerful way of working. The software works fine, that's our job. Your people however are another story. We've found over tens years of working this way that one or two people in your organization are going to resist change. It's natural. It's also counter productive.

You're the one with the vision. You have to “force” your people to get into the system even the recalcitrant ones. You're going to have those who would rather write and mail a letter rather than send an email. The “we've always done it this way” philosophy is detrimental to where you want to be. During this transitional phase you have to identify and work with those individuals that refuse to change.

That doesn’t mean they can't handle the technology. Web based software is easy to use. We see to it. It is just a matter of accessing screens to get what you need. We have yet to see anyone who didn't shine using these systems, including those that are not computer literate. So a refusal to adapt is not a technical issue. It's a personal problem.

Once your team is onboard and working in the system, you can look to other ways to use web based software to your advantage. The smartest business we seen are the ones that ask us if it is possible to do THIS with web based software. Business owners know their business and they know what they're trying to do. Using a utility to get their feet wet enables these super-smart individuals to see the possibilities of what web software can do.

From your new vantage point – having everyone in the system and working together, you'll be able to see the possibilities. Web based software is about empowering your business in a radically new way. Business owners can see if they had a certain capability they could dominate the market.

We are not “ivory tower” programmers. We are open and accessible to new ideas. If you think you've found something that gives you a business edge call us. We'd be happy to discuss it with you. We'll tell you what's involved from a programmer's perspective. Taking a company fully web based is not new to us. We have done it consistently over the past decade. The process above can take months, if not years. We aren't pressing you to leave your comfort zone. On the contrary we're trying to get you into it. Comfort zone to me means a growing company with plenty of profit. Going web based clear everything up. It eliminates confusion, redundant effort, and being late on things.

Eventually we will arrive at a point where everything is in the system. Your people come in, sit down at their computer, and log into the system. Everyone is in the system at the same time running your business. Think about what this can do for your business. All inefficiency evaporates. You have complete control. Web based software is taking over business. We've made this a seamless, painless, transition for you. Take advantage of it. There is no risk to you. The upside is unimaginable. That's an investment worth making.

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